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Wrightdrive Mallorca

Wrightdrive – All about cars

All about cars and driving in Spain. Laws, changing your vehicle from UK to Spanish plates.

How to obtain a Spanish Driving License, etc.  Driving laws. How to ITV your vehicle.  Car Hire, Car Insurance and more.


Car Hire / Alquiler Coches

There are many car hire companies operating in Mallorca. We have information and links for some of them below. Many of the companies are based at the airport and there are some more exclusive that will meet you on arrival and pick up your car on your return to the airport without any worries about parking etc. Car Hire/ Haga clic aqui


Learning to Drive / Escuelas de Conducción L Plate Image

On our Learn page, there are a number of driving instructors to choose from, here in Mallorca – Just click on the L Plate. 

En nuestra página Learn, hay una serie de instructores de conducción para elegir, aquí en Mallorca, clik en la placa L.

La obtención de la licencia: Haga clic aquí
Puede encontrar más información en: Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) autopropulsados ​​y Conjuntos de Los Mismos.

Airport Transfers

Here are some of the airport transfer companies used by many.

      Cheap Taxis

Bus and Train Services from Palma

Please download the MobiPalmaApp by the EMT to see current bus times and bus stops.

There is currently a service running from Palma Centre which goes to the Airport (A1). Current ticket cost is €5. 


Emergency Callout in Mallorca

We have the number of several Gruas across the island who can take your car to a safe place. If you do happen to breakdown here in Mallorca and your car is stuck, you should call a “gruas” to move your car as it is illegal to tow a vehicle. Some of them are listed below. Quite often this service is provided as part of your vehicle insurance. 

Parking in Mallorca

There are lots of parking areas in Palma, along with lots of underground parking.
If you are resident in Palma, you can obtain a parking permit which costs only €24 per year. You will need to register your vehicle and provide paperwork to qualify for this.

Don’t have change for parking machine ?- use the Parking App

Parking App -MobiAppPark

Link to Traffico