Car Transfers

Car Transfers

You will need to pay the Spanish Tax depending on the vehicle you have., year of registration. It is different per car.

Link to form Modelo 620

What papers do I need to transfer a car over ?

  • permisso de circulacion
  • ficha tecnicha
  • residencia
  • passport
  • compra venta  /  sales contract between buyer and seller
  • you will need to pay about 56 euros for the transfer tax at Traffico
  • then you will get a number and then go upstairs at Traffico and wait to be called to finish the process.
  • car tax will need to be up to daye also, if not this has to be paid before the transfer of ownership can take place

What is Homologation of vehicles :

Homologation is the process of certifying vehicles or a particular component in a vehicle that it has satisfied the requirements set by various statutory regulatory bodies. It is mandatory to get this approval to export vehicle products or components.

Things to note :

  • A Spanish ITV done on a foreign plated car is not valid.
  • If you don’t transfer a car out of your name, you will still be liable for the tax and and any fines

Transfer Enquiry Form

Complete the form below with regards to transferring your vehicle from English / French / German to Spanish Registered Vehicle or a general transfer. We will then send you a quote once we have the information required.

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