21 November, 2016



Car Repairs / Servicing Mallorca / Talleres Mechanico

Juan Pou - AutoTaller Llucmajor  

971121373 / 653157961

Cañellas Rotger
Auto Marratxi
Licorers (Pol Ind Marratxi), 163
+34 971604574



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ITV Due ??

We can take your car for you. No hassle service. Email us to organise. Copy of your residencia or passport, and the originals of your car paperwork and proof of insurance to complete the ITV would be needed.

ITV Stations in Mallorca

You can book your car online for an ITV. www.serviciositv.com

INCA 971-505812 Ctra. Palma a Alcúdia, Km30 
07300 Inca 
MANACOR 971-555062 C/ Oliveristes, s/n 
07500 Manacor
PALMA DE MALLORCA 971-265012 Polígono SON CASTELLÓ. C/Gremi Sucrers i Candelers, 2 
07009 Palma 
PALMA DE MALLORCA 971-757557 CAN PASTILLA. Canal de Sant Jordi, 1 - Pol. Son Oms 
07610 Palma


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